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Tiramisu Dessert

Servings : 6 to 8

Equipment needed : Large rectangular serving dish, hand mixer.


500ml (2 cups) Heavy whipping cream

1/2 Cup white sugar

48 Lady finger biscuits – with 12 lady fingers finely crushed

6 Eggs (1 whole one and 5 egg yolks)

500g mascarpone cheese (1 container)

2 tsp Vanilla extract

2 Tbsp of instant coffee – mixed with 2 cups of boiling water

Optional – 2 oz Amaretto

Cocoa powder to sprinkle

Semi-sweet chocolate to grate


  1. In a bowl beat the heavy whipping cream and the sugar until stiff peaks form, place in the refrigerator until needed.
  2. In another bowl, crush the 12 lady finger biscuits until they resemble fine crumbs, you can use a potato masher or food processor for this.
  3. Crack the eggs (1 whole & 5 yolks) into a large bowl, and add the mascarpone and vanilla extract then beat until thick and creamy.

Here's the video on how to do it!

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